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Pre-school ('Dolphins')


The pre-school room is registered to provide nursery education which is achieved through many different areas such as role play and adult led activities, to encourage learning through play and discovery. The room has a large carpeted area as well as an area for messy activities.

The children have access to a computer, role play area, mats, cosy area as well as easily accessible equipment for them to choose and play with. There are tables for writing and other activities making this room exciting and practical.

The pre-school works in conjunction with the adjoined school nursery, ensuring information is shared and that the transition between nursery and the school is carried out smoothly for the children.

All children are assigned to a key person who will be responsible for producing their learning journeys and development records. These are available for parents/carers to read at anytime, and they are encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning journey by bringing work they have done at home, or sharing information on the activities they enjoy at home.

The information in the learning journeys is used by the key person to plan interesting and stimulating activities for the children using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS); activities are always play based ensuring children have fun.

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